Thursday, March 10, 2011

"It's like Christmas!" *facepalm*

Yeah, that statement probably did deserve some facepalm-age.  I was just so happy with how pretty my hummus looked!

...Okay, so the camera on my phone isn't the greatest (expect a lot of pictures of similar quality in posts to come, pahaha), but there are these lovely red and green flecks throughout it.  Thought it was really pretty.

Hummus is good with oodles of different things!  Vedgies, chips, really can't go wrong!  I even tried pairing it with apple slices once -- and it was pretty darn delicious.  Don't judge me.  ;D

This stuff is a heck of a lot healthier than your average bean dip, too.  It's a great source of protein, as well as unsaturated fat (you know, the healthy kind of fat?  Yes,  there is such thing as healthy fat, and everyone needs it) -- if you decide to use oil.  The batch pictured was oil-free, but you can easily sub olive oil for the water.  Of course, the Calorie count will increase a bit.  I've even tried wok oil before, and it was pretty rad.  However, unless you're a hardcore garlic fan like me, you'd probably be better off with the olive oil!

"It's like Christmas!"  Hummus

You'll need:
1 can / 16oz chick peas
1/4 c oil or water (I just save 1/4 of the, um...pea water?...from the can.  Pea water...haha, that sounds pretty grody) (oh, and using water will make the hummus just a tad soggier!  So it would be more of a dip than a spread)
1/2 of a medium-sized red bell pepper, chopped (obviously, you could use a yellow or orange pepper, but then it would be like Christmas now, would it?)
1/4 c fresh cilantro
2 tbsp cumin
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 cup onion, chopped
[You can skimp on these last two ingredients if you're LAME / not a garlic&onion fan]
...And a bit of oil for sautéing

Start out by sautéing the garlic, onion, and pepper.  After a few minutes, drain your chick peas (saving some of the water, if needed) and dump those in.  Stir for a few more minutes (yeah, I'm definitely not the most precise when it comes to recipes -- the amounts for all the ingredients listed above are all approximations.  Heh heh) and then pour into your blender / food processor.  In posts to come, you'll see why I love the hell out of my food processor.  ;D  Add water and cumin.  Last of all, add the cilantro.  Then blend until you see the flecks!

1/4 cup hummus (sans oil) = ~50 Calories.

PS -- Blog ideas.  I need them.  From youse guys.

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