Sunday, March 27, 2011

"I have a knack for guessing people's favorites."

Wish I could say the same, Vianne.
[Ever seen Chocolat?  Awesome movie.]

Sometimes (okay, so this happens quite frequently), I'll make something that I think is absolutely awesome...yet, when I offer whatever it is to other people, they'll  just say something along the lines of "Omigaww, this isn't like the hummus I buy at the store -- weeeeird!"   Or, even worse "Omigawww lyk, what is hummus??  Chickpeas?  Lulz, what are those?"

...And I'm standing there, thinking "How can one POSSIBLY go through life without knowing what chickpeas are??"  Mind.  Blown.

Guess I would have to thank my mother for my extensive knowledge of vedgies today.   I was introduced to quiche Florentine and vedgie frittata at a very young age -- even though I only became vegetarian five-and-a-half years ago, I've loved vegetables all my life, thanks to her.  ^.^  In a way, she passed on her love of cooking to me as well.  Only the stuff she makes usually falls into the "comfort food" category (after all, she is a mom!  Haha), while I'm more of a health nut (usually.  Haha).

...Okay, actually, I think my numero uno pet peeve in terms of food is when whoever tries my latest concoction actually does enjoy it...however, when I mention that the key ingredient is [tofu?  Dates?  Any kind of green vedgie?  Tofu's usually the worst offender], all of a sudden they're all like "OMGWTFewwy!"

*facepalm*  Aight, rant's over; I promise!

We had a chocolate party at le apartment last night.  Started preparing for it the night before, since I thought that a lot of people would be in attendance.  Well, only two people showed up, and no one touched my fudge.  =/  Oh well.  More for me, I guess...a LOT more for me...oh man, how am I gonna get rid of all this...

So!  This is how I make fudge!  Definitely not the healthiest substance on the planet, but hey, if you're like me and need all the protein and (good) fat you can get, this is the stuff for you.  Oh, almost forgot -- there are antioxidants in the cocoa powder. ;)


In the freezer with the roomie's cake ballzzz.  X)

I like to rock out while I'm in the kitchen.  ;)

Tin Roof Freezer Fudge
You’ll need:
2 containers (they’re each 12ish ounces, I think?) Planters salted peanuts
½ cup oil (I used vegetable oil)
½ cup caramel
3 tbsp dark cocoa powder
1 tbsp instant coffee, if desired (this is if you *really* want it to have that tin roof flavor.  I left it out this time, thinking that more people would eat it if it didn’t have coffee in it.  I guess it wouldn’t have mattered much…)

If you want to create the marble-y effect shown in the picture, you're gonna want to make two batches.  For the non-chocolatey part of this recipe, simply blend one container of peanuts and 1/4 cup of oil.  Since this is going to be fudge, you'll want to blend it until it's very smooth.  No one wants gritty fudge!  It will turn out kind of soupy -- but wait!  Nuke 1/4 caramel for about fifteen seconds, dump it in, and hit "puree."  Watch as it immediately thickens up!  It's so cool!  Mkay, maybe I'm just easily amused...anyhoo, put your PB in a shallow container -- try to dump it on one side of said container; you'll need the other side for the chocolatey stuff.  Next, repeat the whole process, adding cocoa powder to the peanut / oil mixture.  Dump this stuff into the other half of the container.  Since the PB will be pretty thick now, you might want to stick the container in the microwave for about a minute.  After said PB has reached a stir-able consistency, swirl it!  Garnish with peanuts and caramel if desired, and stick it in the fridge.  My "fudge" took about four hours to freeze completely.  

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