Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Introduction.

Well hello there.  This blog is for all the crazy recipes I've put together over the past few years, and per'ahps some newer ones as well!

I've been vegetarian for the past five years -- since I was sixteen years old.  Was lacto-ovo for the first four years; however, I ditched the eggs about a year ago (maybe -- if enough people bug me about it -- I'll tell you all why I did so).  Today, I feel happier and healthier than ever before.  Really loving this new lifestyle.  ;D

...However, this lifestyle does not come without challenges.  When you live around people who think chicken nuggets and fries count as vedgies, it's kind of hard to do the whole vegetarian thing!  Within these posts, I shall prove to you that it is possible to maintain a healthy, affordable*, and (most importantly!) delicious lacto-vedge diet -- it's actually pretty darn easy!

*Yes, affordable.  Remember, I'm a college student.  ;)

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