Friday, April 8, 2011

Gone bananas, back in five.

Srsly, I have.  I wrote a fourteen-page research paper the other night.  Fourteen pages.  By the time I had finished up my list of references, my eyes were twitching from staring at my computer screen for so long! 

Although, to be honest, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  It had to do with the career I hope to have in just a few short years, and the majority of the research I did was actually quite interesting.  But, still...I'm feeling a tad burnt out!  X_x

I'm at home this weekend!  ^_^  Living on campus without a car is rather sucky at times -- I was going a little stir-crazy.  But now I'm home...where I can drive, do my laundry for free, and have access to an endless supply of Morningstar stuff (thanks, mom!  Doubt I'll be able to eat all those vedgie burgers in one weekend...)!

Oh, right.  This blog is supposed to be about food, isn't it?

I used to loathe bananas.  Seriously, I just hated the things.  To me, they were nothing but slimy, stringy, smelly pieces of plant matter that, for whatever reason, were considered edible.  However, ever since I used a banana in lieu of eggs in a batch of sugar cookies a few months ago (the end product was quite nommy, if I do say so myself), I've been warming up to them.  Gradually.

Well, over the past few days, I've been chowing down on at least one on a daily basis!  What the heck is going on here?!

Here are a couple of the random creations I've put together over the past few days...

The first creation (I have yet to think of a name for this one) was inspired by bananas foster.  This stuff is booze-free, though.  ;)  The second one -- I think I shall call it Banana Creme -- makes for a lovely, energizing brekkie. 

Creation Numero Uno

You will need:
1 banana
dash of cinnamon
oil / butter / margarine / etc for frying

Cut your banana into thin-ish slices and fry on medium heat.  Sprinkle cinnamon over top.  Within about two minutes, the bananas should be brown and slightly mushy -- that means they're done!  I just ate them straight up, but they'd probably be pretty nommy over ice cream, yogurt, toast, or oatmeal.  Nommm...

Banana Creme

You will need:
1/2 cup Greek yogurt (I used plain, but flavored would work just as well!)
1 medium-sized banana
Dash of cinnamon

Using a fork, mash the banana into a paste.  Then mix in your yogurt and cinnamon. 

I have yet to figure out what this banana obsession is all about, but hey, it could be a lot worse.  Bananas are a great source of fiber and potassium (this stuff maintains the water balance between your cells and bodily fluids), as well as a decent source of vitamin C. 

And, in the world of yogurt...Greeks just do it better!  Haha.  Greek yogurt is a very good source of calcium, and it also has twice the amount of protein that normal yogurt has.  Plus, it's thick and creamy, not runny and gloppy.  Regular yogurt was so yesterday.  ;)

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